Category 14C. Imperial IPA (BJCP)
OG = 1.070 FG = 1.023 IBU = 81 EBC = 26,2 ABV = 6,1 %
680 cal/l


11,2kg Pilsen Malt (3,0 EBC)
1kg Munich Malt 25 (24 EBC)
1kg Cara Malt 120 (120 EBC)

125 gr – Simcoe Hop T-90 (12.20% AM/AR)

US-05 Ale


Place the grounded grains in 34 liters of water at 68°C.
Raise temperature to 75.6°C and hold for 10 minutes.
Transfer the wort to wash pot.
Add 32 liters of water at 75.6°C and start to washing.
Transfer 43 liters of wort boiling filtered to pan.
Started to boil, add 45 grams of Simcoe hops.
Add 30 grams hop Simcoe after 30 minutes of boiling.
Add 30 grams of Simcoe hop after 45 minutes of boiling.
Add 20 grams of Simcoe hop after 55 minutes of boiling.
Exactly after 60 minutes of boiling, start cooling.
Must cool to 20 degrees and transfer containers 2 to 32 liters of fermentation (16L
each), oxygenating the wort properly.
Add 11.5 grams of a package of US-starter 05 for each container.
Ferment at 20°C to complete the fermentation process (approximately 5-7 days)
Mature at 10°C for 2 weeks.
Bottle with 8.2 grams of sugar per liter of beer.
After bottled, the beer is ready to drink within 15 days.